Sunday, February 17, 2008

A New Search Engine For Small Business Owners Offers information by location.

Small Business Administration has developed a new search engine for small business owners.
Users can search for information from state and local government Web sites, as well as federal Web sites, from a single search box. If a business owner types in a specific location, such as the name of a city and state the results returned will be for that geographic location. The new service improves general search services by providing results specific to doing business in a particular area.
"These new search offerings make it easier for businesses to learn about doing business in specific localities," said Nancy Sternberg, program manager of the Business Gateway Initiative.
"Try it yourself: Go to and find the box in the upper right that says 'Try Our New Search Engine' and click 'Read More About Search.' On the next page, type in 'business license,' type the name of your city, and see the results," said Sternberg.
Doing a brief test the search engine returned solid results. It will save time for small business owners while providing useful information.

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