Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Retarget Advertising

It allows you to display ads to specific prospects who have completed a certain action online. This is a form of what’s called “behavioral advertising” because you’re targeting your ads based on your prospects’ previous online browsing behavior.
The most common forms of retargeting is to display ads to prospects who have already visited certain pages on your website. For example, you could advertise to only the prospects who visited the landing page, but did not complete their orders. Or you could advertise to the prospects who requested a demo or a quote, but did not end up signing up for your service.
Since the ads are only targeting prospects who have already expressed interest in your product or service, retargeting advertising tends to have a lower cost per lead or sale than other forms of advertising.

How Does it Work?

Retargeting is actually fairly simple once you understand browser cookies. (A browser cookie is just a small file that is stored on your computer and it can include information like which webpages you have visited).Retargeting ad networks can read these cookies, determine within a split second if you have visited a certain webpage in the past, and then display the correct ad. If you have ever noticed a certain ad “following you” as you surf around online, then you’ve experienced retargeting ads.

Learn To Use Retargeting?

If you already advertising, We recommend launching a retargeting campaign for the following reason:
  1. It increase conversion rates of all of your marketing
  2. It increase your digital marketing reach

Rising The Conversion Rates

Retargeting advertising is a tool to follow up, We all know the importance of follow_up in order to close more sales. The vast majority of website visitors are not going to purchase right away, so it’s absolutely critical to follow up in order to increase your conversion rates.
The benefit of retargeting advertising is that you can use it to increase conversions across all of your marketing channels. If you’re using SEO, web marketing, social media, TV, radio, and/or any other channel to drive website traffic, then you can add retargeting to get better performance.

Increase Marketing Reach

More benefits is f.eks to increase your marketing reach with minimal additional investment. With traditional online advertising, your ads are displayed on a limited number of contextually relevant websites. And if you’re using search advertising, then you’re targeting a small handful of relevant keywords.

But clearly your prospects are visiting other websites and searching other keywords.  With retargeting ads, you can profitably expand your reach to more websites and more search keywords because you’re taking into account the fact that the prospect has already expressed interest by visiting your website in the past. This is how small businesses can get premium ad placement on large, popular websites at a fraction of the cost of traditional media buys.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Video Marketing

You Need To Start ASAP!

The goal of advertising has always been to have your business stand out in your marketplace from your competition and be chosen by consumers. Most small to medium size businesses constantly have the struggle of wanting to do everything to stand out, while keeping a mindful eye of staying within a budget for their marketing efforts. Advertising your business in such a fragmented marketspace today can get costly and without measures in place to determine what the best mediums to market with, it's hard to figure out how you can capture a low-cost marketing ROI?

The answer is Video Marketing.

In social and online marketing, video marketing has taken its place as a leader in attracting new customers. According to comScore, just over 48% of internet users viewed at least one video per month, and the average user is exposed to more than 35 videos per month. Companies are realizing that video has a dominant role to play in your content marketing-mix strategy. Video marketing captures the users attention and gives you the opportunity to deliver your message in an easy format that everyone can understand.

Statistics on Video marketing

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60K times faster in the brain than text according to Zabisco. Invisia reports that viewers also retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
  • 52% of consumers say that watching a video makes them more confident in online purchase decisions according to Invodo.
  • 92% of mobile users share videos with others according to Invodo.
  • 87% of online marketers use video content according to Outbrain.
  • 46% of users take ACTION after viewing a video according to Online Publishers Association
  • 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text according to Forbes.
  • 800% increase in conversion on websites that have videos on their landing pages vs. websites without
  • Blogs that incorporate video attract 3-times as many inbound links as blogs without video.
It seems like the attention span for desktop and mobile users capacity to watch a single video is about 2 minutes. The "sweet spot" for most custom video marketing pieces should be one minute.

Most individuals host their video's on YouTube. Google owns Youtube. Videos hosted on Youtube appear in more than half of all searches on Google. Makes sense to put your video on Youtube.

You can also separately upload your video to social media networks like Facebook. Once they are uploaded, create or add these videos to your website through an embedding process. This can create a valuable link for your SEO on your website and increase your position on search engines over time

How do I take advantage of video marketing?

The best thing about video marketing can be the ability to connect consumers with your business without them even contacting you yet! They will understand who you are, what you do, what the inside of your shop looks like, and who might be answering the phone when they call.

If your business is on a tight budget, however, there are still great ways to take advantage of video marketing. Businesses can use their own smartphone cameras and create a video marketing campaign in their store or "on-location" for services businesses.
Micro-videos have been a great tool for businesses to create a 10-second commercial, promotion or testimonial from their consumers and using that on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin and Instagram. Customers can quickly view messages on their social media feeds.

Video Marketing will be powerful, and by 2017 video marketing will take up 74% of all online traffic according to Syndacast. Video marketing can be a cost-effective way to market your business with professionally created content as well as DIY marketing. Take advantage of a medium that reaches customers in an easy to understand format with statistically proven success rate!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

PPC will not disappear

PPC will be a great source of leads for a long time

If you use PPC, you can launch a campaign and, almost immediately, your ads will start appearing on page one of Google. But SEO, by comparison, is a long-term investment. You have to wait at least two to five months to typically start seeing any type of results, and in a very competitive market, it could take more than a year.

PPC will probabely stay for a long time. Google is a publicly traded company with a responsibility to their shareholders to increase profits, and they're constantly rolling out new things that get more people to click on ads. Every year they roll`s out new improvements, such as callout extensions, that make their ads take up more space on the page.

But Google doesn’t make any money on SEO. They make money on Google PPC system, AdWords. They're constantly rolling out new products for advertisers, and they love local business advertisers. Thats because your business is very relevant to searchers. If someone is searching for an injury lawyer in your town, Google wants people to find an injury lawyer in your town, ------- they want relevant search results.

So the fastest, most reliable, and most profitable way to generate an ROI on Google comes probably from running PPC ads. You just have to make sure you’re approaching PPC the right way for your local business.

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