Thursday, June 07, 2007

Internet advertising continue the explosive growht

Figures shows that Internet advertising revenues continue to skyrocket, the tech wreck of six years ago just an insignificant correction. The 2007 first quarter revenues of US$4.9 billion represent a 26 percent increase over Q1 2006 at US$3.8 billion and a 2 percent increase over Q4 2006 at US$4.8 billion. “The continued growth of online ad revenues clearly illustrates marketers’ increased comfort with the extraordinary vitality and accountability of this medium,” commented IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg. “It reaches consumers with an unprecedented level of efficiency and measurability that provides marketers with actionable data. And the ever-changing landscape of new platforms and technologies that enrich interactive advertising guarantees that this growth trend will continue.”

“The recent results are particularly impressive when the size of the advertising revenue base is taken into account,” said Peter Petrusky, director, PricewaterhouseCoopers. “Given these results, we may expect continued strong revenue growth buoyed by an expanding broadband subscriber base, which could translate into more users spending more time online and offers a platform for rich media and video ads that dial-up connections can’t render.”

The continued growth of internet advertising, on top of the record growth of 2006 and despite advertising’s traditional sluggish first quarter, demonstrates the growing significance of interactive advertising to the overall advertising and marketing industry.

About the IAB

Founded in 1996, the Interactive Advertising Bureau represents over 300 interactive companies responsible for 86% of online advertising revenues in the United States. On behalf of its members, the IAB evaluates and recommends standards and practices; fields interactive effectiveness research, and educates the advertising industry about interactive advertising.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Will Widgets apps bring advertising to our desktop?

Once only seen on Apple machines, now that Microsoft has installed them on Vista, advertising outfits want to hijack widgets for their own use.

Widgets are mini-applications that offer easy access to Internet-based content and information. Advertisers like widgets because they blur the line between an ad and a service and people are more likely to keep such branded content on their desktop.

Reuters quotes Jai Shen, co-founder and chief technology officer of widget developer RockYou as saying that widgets will be the new ring tone. Most of the widgets being created are music related.

But Reuters points out that one of the problems the industry needs to over come is that widget use is unmonitored by the tracking companies so it is impossible to tell how successful they are as an advertising option.

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