Monday, December 08, 2008

A New Redesign of Google Reader

Google Reader has just launched a major redesign to its interface, addressing many of the top concerns of users of the popular RSS reader.
In addition to simply looking way more clean and inviting, Google has introduced more collapsible navigation options, a new section for friends, additional feed bundles, and perhaps most welcoming to power users: the option to hide those intimidating unread items counts, which can quickly swell to hundreds or the dreaded “1,000+” when one spends more than a few hours away from the service.
The “hide” options are handled on a per subscription basis, creating a lot of flexibility in terms of deciding how overwhelmed you want to feel inside of Google Reader. When there are new items to see, the links will still be bold, but the number will not show.

The Google Reader team has a full explanation of the changes available on their blog.

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