Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google's Latest Update Causes Websites Lose PageRank Overnight

Google PageRank update has resulted in some popular blogs and news websites suddenly losing their PageRank. The PageRank penalization looks to be a reaction to websites that use link-building strategies that conflict with Google's webmaster guidelines.

Google does not approve of the use of paid links to raise rank, but until the latest release, has yet to punish any websites that use them. Some of the websites that experienced a drop were the Washington Post and who both had a PageRank of 7.5, now both are on 5.

Not all of the websites that experienced a drop were using paid links. Some of the blogs that lost PageRank are a part of blog networks, which have plenty of internal links between sites. This is a legitimate linking technique, but can in the automated eyes of Google look like an inappropriate linking strategy. Google's stance on link building communities is somewhat ambiguous,

"Don't participate in link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking or PageRank"

It should be noted that there are a variety of different linking techniques, most of which are accepted by Google. The update looks to be Google vigorously enforcing its webmaster guidelines, which previously the misuse of, only resulted in sporadic punishment for a few websites.

The enforcement of the webmaster guidelines is happening, without any distinction being made between a website that blatantly manipulates the search algorithms, and those that use some paid links and appropriate link building strategies to deliver traffic.

In the case of some blogs losing PageRank, Google looks to have punished those who have used appropriate link building techniques. Controversy still reigns over the use of paid links, the latest response from Google is bound create even

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Yahoo! Opens Up Homepage Exposure to External Sites

The sacred space that is the Yahoo! homepage is now providing exposure to websites outside of the Yahoo! network. This provides an invaluable traffic opportunity for websites with feature worthy content.

According to reports, Yahoo! started publishing links to external content in the "featured" section last Thursday. This is a significant move considering they have kept such exposure solely for Yahoo! content in the past.

The move is a part of Yahoo!'s attempts to become the gateway to the "entire" internet (well at least what Yahoo! has indexed) for more online users. This is an important move aimed at encouraging more people to start their online journey at Yahoo! and more than likely boost their search volumes.

"We are the only one of the old portals to do that... We are linking to the best stuff around the Web." said Tapan Bhat (VP of Front Doors at Yahoo!).

Information featured on the homepage will be selected by editors, with content from Forbes, Time, and the Wall Street Journal already receiving prime exposure. Yahoo! suggests that smaller sites will be featured as related links to avoid traffic overload.

Getting exposure on the Yahoo! homepage will be fairly difficult for the "average joe" website, but at least the opportunity now exists for sites that publish important news and content. It will also be a major attempt to draw users back - especially those who have reverted to search engines and other new portals for their browser homepage.

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