Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google Caffeine Predictive Instant Search Solutions:

Google Caffeine algorithm is changing the infrastructure. This is great for the relevancy, and it improves the search, gives faster search results, more search options and real time searches. This is valuable for most of us, and from an online business perspective. Google Caffeine, the non instant variety, has a Predictive Search element. It just isn't "faster than the speed of type".

But Google Instant isn't an algorithm revision, it i's an infrastructure change. And concerns about long tail losses and the Instant Search concept greatly benefiting companies with larger Internet presences are either premature or can be offset by implementing leading edge Google caffeine Practice. Change is an ever problem for many but over time people have the ability to adapt and things tend to even out. predicted Google Instant beneficiaries, in no particular order:

- Google: A Google Instant smart phone APP will make mobile media searches faster, easier and more widely used. Google knows the future of search is small screen wireless technology, and this is one of their biggest reasons for pushing to speed up the web.

- Holistic SEO. Which combines the science of Search Engine Optimization with the conversion emphasis of Search Engine Marketing and the creativity of SEO copywriting skills.

- SEO copywriters, or companies that employ them. SEO copywriting combines the science of keyword research with the art of direct sales marketing. Creating content that attracts Search Engines but is written for your visitors.

- Mobile Media Marketing companies that optimize content for Mobile media devices. Which leads to, Companies that provide SEO and SEM based website optimization services. Because there are still a lot of slow loading websites containing inefficient navigation. Websites with heavy design elements and poor content. Websites that just need a little tweaking and not complete reconstruction.

- Social Media marketing and the variety that involves captured communities. Facebook, Twitter and the companies that develop marketing strategies for these platforms that can show a measurable return on investment.

- Software developers who can create and build innovative applications involving Instant Predictive for the most useful and very specific categories of web searches.

- Companies that is specialized in: articles, press releases, Blogs and Youtube videos for businesses of all sizes as well as specific niches.

With this list in mind here's a quick outline of the potential positives of Google Instant from a small and medium sized business page ranking, Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing perspective:

Google recognizes that Searchers and searches have become more sophisticated. By acknowledging this evolution in search habits a small and medium sized online business can now find ways to compete with the larger online businesses. They can compete by using advanced keyword research, creating content that attracts Search Engines- but is also written in a naturally persuasive manner for your visitors. By creatively focusing on their strengths, niches and showcasing their obvious authority in them. By creatively using the various affordable or free Internet marketing services that are available. Such as Social Media. Press Releases and articles. Blogs and video.

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