Saturday, November 06, 2010

Page Speed

Google Unveils New Tool For Faster Web
In Google, there's an organization known as the "Make the Web Faster" initiative, and today, they presented the world with a solution for faster pageload. Something new named mod_pagespeed is supposed to make streamlining a site a quick, easy process.

Google explained in an email, "We just launched a new open-source Apache module called mod_pagespeed that any webmasters can use to quickly and automatically optimize their sites. (It's like Page Speed, but makes the changes automatically.)"

Mod_pagespeed is worth looking into because, "It can reduce page load times by up to 50%. mod_pagespeed should be of definite use to webmasters, considering it's common knowledge that would-be visitors bail when things take too long to load, and as Google factors site speed into Web search rankings, having a fast site will help ensure that would-be visitors are directed to it in the first place. In any event, it's a good bet that more site speed tools and suggestions are on the way.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Twitter will be putting ads in your stream of tweets

The Twitter streams is going to be changing shortly, as Twitter begins rolling out its plan to place Promoted Tweets inside its users' stream. This is going to be a work in progress and Twitter is rolling out in-stream advertising slowly. The company will begin testing Promoted Tweets within one of its partners, HootSuite. Twitter will be experimenting with how and when to place the ads, hopefully to be as unobtrusive to the microblogging companies loyal users.

The Tweets are not going to be entirely random. The key as allways is relevance and Twitter wants to make sure that the ads you see in your stream are directed at you.

Or as Twitter say it themselves: “During this testing period with HootSuite, we will experiment with where and when Promoted Tweets are shown in the timeline. Not all HootSuite users will see Promoted Tweets and those who do may see different Promoted Tweets in different places in their timeline. As with Promoted Tweets in search, we will display Promoted Tweets in the timeline when they are relevant. Similar to our Promoted Account recommendations, we use several signals to determine a Promoted Tweet’s relevance to a user, including the public list of whom they follow. We will expand the rollout only when we feel we’re delivering a high-quality user experience.”

So, needis to earn money. Twitter can’t continue forever without generating more revenue.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google Caffeine Predictive Instant Search Solutions:

Google Caffeine algorithm is changing the infrastructure. This is great for the relevancy, and it improves the search, gives faster search results, more search options and real time searches. This is valuable for most of us, and from an online business perspective. Google Caffeine, the non instant variety, has a Predictive Search element. It just isn't "faster than the speed of type".

But Google Instant isn't an algorithm revision, it i's an infrastructure change. And concerns about long tail losses and the Instant Search concept greatly benefiting companies with larger Internet presences are either premature or can be offset by implementing leading edge Google caffeine Practice. Change is an ever problem for many but over time people have the ability to adapt and things tend to even out. predicted Google Instant beneficiaries, in no particular order:

- Google: A Google Instant smart phone APP will make mobile media searches faster, easier and more widely used. Google knows the future of search is small screen wireless technology, and this is one of their biggest reasons for pushing to speed up the web.

- Holistic SEO. Which combines the science of Search Engine Optimization with the conversion emphasis of Search Engine Marketing and the creativity of SEO copywriting skills.

- SEO copywriters, or companies that employ them. SEO copywriting combines the science of keyword research with the art of direct sales marketing. Creating content that attracts Search Engines but is written for your visitors.

- Mobile Media Marketing companies that optimize content for Mobile media devices. Which leads to, Companies that provide SEO and SEM based website optimization services. Because there are still a lot of slow loading websites containing inefficient navigation. Websites with heavy design elements and poor content. Websites that just need a little tweaking and not complete reconstruction.

- Social Media marketing and the variety that involves captured communities. Facebook, Twitter and the companies that develop marketing strategies for these platforms that can show a measurable return on investment.

- Software developers who can create and build innovative applications involving Instant Predictive for the most useful and very specific categories of web searches.

- Companies that is specialized in: articles, press releases, Blogs and Youtube videos for businesses of all sizes as well as specific niches.

With this list in mind here's a quick outline of the potential positives of Google Instant from a small and medium sized business page ranking, Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing perspective:

Google recognizes that Searchers and searches have become more sophisticated. By acknowledging this evolution in search habits a small and medium sized online business can now find ways to compete with the larger online businesses. They can compete by using advanced keyword research, creating content that attracts Search Engines- but is also written in a naturally persuasive manner for your visitors. By creatively focusing on their strengths, niches and showcasing their obvious authority in them. By creatively using the various affordable or free Internet marketing services that are available. Such as Social Media. Press Releases and articles. Blogs and video.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Social marketing is an important part of SEO

Having a huge network of friends on Facebook or tons of followers on Twitter is just a fraction of the power behind social marketing. Yet the full leveraging of power is often misunderstood. Automatic tweets and links on the Facebook wall end up buried in a stream of constant information. There is certainly a few clicks, but it is hardly an impact. Understanding why people use specific social networks is important.

Twitter is a fine place to post links and even make quick comments towards a follower. In fact, Twitter is often the new way to make a press release and even has replaced RSS feeds for many.

But Facebook is different. It is a lot of f.eks vacation photos, random updates, and sometimes serious thoughts. For every friend made, there is a News Feed of fun, emotional concerns, and life related incidents to compete with. Just posting links on a profile hardly matters in the scheme of things. In fact, this often leads to being completely focused on using the social network and abandons the real goal, getting people to the website and interacting with the content.

Real world connections matter. Social networks provide great tools for getting people to complete the deal. For instance, on Facebook it is possible to build a Friends List to specifically target information to relevant connections. When providing new content on a website, use the Friend List to send out the information. Messages do not get lost in the constant stream.

Targeting an audience is the marketing. Search Engine Optimization comes from those who follow the link. If the information is relative to their interests, people stick around, even repost, Retweet, or do any number of things to help create more relevant traffic.

This is why so many articles online have conveniently placed ways to Retweet, Like, and any other number of social connection buttons on a post. It is usually a simple click for the reader to create a link to all the rest of the people in their network. This is link building going far beyond the power of one person's own ability.
The importance of social marketing is not the social network. It is the power to target a relevant audience. Understanding this single fact makes it far easier to put together a strategy centered bringing people to a website rather than substituting it with a social network. After all the web itself is the biggest social network out there. Having high quality traffic, the kind that does not bounce, the kind that reads more than one page, can only strengthen search resul.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Business

An alternative to ordinary jobb?

You have probably noticed several advertisements posted on local or even national newspapers of different companies that are in need of employees, and several to hundred thousands of individuals will respond to this job vacancy advertisements, getting into interview, yet a small percentage will get hired. But there are thousands of workers who are getting laid off and add to the growing number of unemployed population. They will undergo the same old process, trying their luck in getting employed.

But there are still alternatives of getting employed without playing the the game of employment where many are looking for a job but the number of jobs are to few. There are individuals who have heard of various business opportunities over the Internet, brought courage and self confidence to face this unique challenge, and luckily achieved their business goals. In other words, these individuals achieved success in the game of Internet marketing where losing is almost impossible.
If you know how to play the game and adopt an effective marketing system, this could be an alternative.
But these people who are known as Internet marketers, experienced the benefits on this home-based business opportunity, and they know the game. The benefits they gain is that they are free from the hassle and pressure of working on office or factory, enjoy the flexibility of their working hours and stress-free environment of their homes, and spend most of their time with their respective families. Many of them started their new home business, run it, and produced revenues which sometimes make them decide to either quit their regular job for good or do not look for a regular job in an office or factory at all.

Some benefits of starting a home business through different Internet marketing opportunities:

• The earning and growth potential of income and the business itself is far great. Think about the growing numbers of individuals who prefer online shopping as well as the increasing availability of the Internet all over the world.
• There are low risk once the Internet marketer masters the skills and expertise needed in running his home business on the Internet.
• To be successful in this area you need to work hard and long hours, days/nights are waiting for you to use on your home business.
• Running business, especially within the comforts of your home, offers endless challenges as well as learning opportunities that you can use on other businesses.
• In the end you are what most working individuals want to be, you are the boss.

When you have your home-based Internet marketing business, you need to join the pool of online-based entrepreneurs who enjoy the benefits of working from their homes and be their own bosses. With the market being competitive and the demands are constantly changing together with the employment, the trend of starting a home-based business through Internet marketing is increasing not just on a rapid but also on a fantastic rate, as more and more individuals realize that the opportunity is jut around the corner, within their reach.
Internet marketing is one of the popular and legitimate ways of creating sales with cost-efficient and time-saving measures and expanding their clientele base. The Internet marketing provides a wide array of home business opportunity for everyone affiliate businesses, online advertising, and other ventures. Working at home in front of your computer or laptop, with Internet marketing, home-based business and large income is always possible.

Friday, July 09, 2010

You need to Rank Higher In Google's New Search Engines

Recent changes to Google makes it seem like Google is no longer just one search engine but a combination of 6 or 7 different search engines all rolled into one. Your SEO efforts should now be geared to ranking high in these search engines as well as in traditional organic search.

Google has done a whole re-structuring of its SERPs interface or landing page. It really is a whole new Google with not just one search engine but a combination of 6 or 7 search engines all competing for your attention.

The new left side column with its new functions and displays, opens up new opportunities for webmasters to get their listings within Google on that all important first page. In addition there are many new ways to view the results such as view everything or you can view with more or less shopping links. Plus you can also view Google results for books, maps, blogs, updates and discussions - all new ways to get your site or links into Google. Things are looking very different within the new Google SERPs.

Google has implemented major updates before. Some of them very disruptive like the Florida update, but with Google Caffeine, MayDay Update, new layout and the recent shakeup of its Algorithm, Google has fundamentally changed how its organic search are ranked and used.

These recent changes seem to be a "coming together" of all the different types of searches in Google which have been released earlier.

Now it seems with the new interface architecture, each type of search is given more importance or rather more of an equal billing or footing within Google. There are now multiple ways to get your links viewed and hopefully clicked within the most important search engine on the planet.

For some years now, Google has been presenting results for not just static webpages but also for videos, images, news, blogs and shopping/products - but recent changes have shaken up things significantly. With these changes Google seems to be placing more importance on these new ways to search. Videos have taken a big step forward and can now pop up on the first page and stay there. Producing a video is now one of the fastest ways to get on the first page of Google, even for very competitive keywords.

While many online marketers are taking advantage of this fact, it is relatively new and you can have a much better chance of ranking for a video instead of an ordinary web page in Google. It can happen almost instantly.

In other words, Google has always favored ways to make their SERPs more democratic and user generated/rated videos are the perfect fit, and so too are blog posts and entries, these can be easily monitored and (comment spam aside) are more democratic since it's harder to fake Diggs or Re-tweets.

The social bookmarking sites provide the search engines, especially Google, with some very helpful user-generated rankings and ratings. Blogs now also have two subcategories - Twitter/FaceBook Updates and Forum Discussions, and they are now being displayed separately. Google seems to be placing more importance on popular Posts, Diggs, Tweets... in their SERPs. And by using a simple Google owned program like Blogger is an effective way of ranking high in Google

Another way to get your content onto the first page of Google is to use a News Release.
Google has always listed News Items on the first page but this now seems to play a more important role, especially when you consider all the new features in the left side column. Surfers will probably stay on that first page longer and you have a better chance of getting your news item read.

Images and image search is an important feature of Google Search, and online marketers and webmasters have taken advantage of this by creating images to match the main products or keywords of their sites.

For those who are dealing with online marketing, this must probably be the most important listing as you're sure to attract specific buyers who are in the right mind-set to purchase.

How to submit your products to Google Product Search

All these options do present different ways to get on that first page in Google search. And while the number one spot in organic search will always be your main goal, ranking for the top spot in the shopping results, video results, news results, blog results, update results, discussion results and image results are all worth aiming for in your SEO efforts. Some of these are temporary or fast moving, but there are certain tactics you can use which will increase your presence in the most important search engine which delivers the most search traffic on the web.

Have a holistic approach to both your content and SEO. Create videos and images geared towards your site's topic and keywords. Make sure you have a blog and a forum on your site to take advantage of these types of listings.

Likewise, fully integrate your site with all the social bookmarking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google Buzz, and also need to become an active part of those sites.

Make sure you're creating news related items for your site or keywords, to keep your site in the whole mix of things on the web. Make sure you have a steady flow of fresh content being added to your site regularly and link this content to the "Q&A" types of sites; there is a growing emphasis being placed on these help-based sites by the search engines.

Marketing Social
Something as simple as using a Google Profile to list ALL your online programs and sites is one way of making them ALL reachable by your visitors and Google. But go for the overkill, do the same thing for your Facebook page, your MySpace page, your Linkedin page and Twitter. Interconnect all your different content by referencing your videos in your News Releases, your Twitter profile in your articles, your Facebook page in your posts... well, you get the picture.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You can analyze your competitors in AdWords
Google has now a new beta AdWords feature that gives your more insight into your AdWords competitors. This new beta feature is currently a limited beta and is named analyze competition. You can check under the Opportunities tab to see if you have this feature.

But what does it do? The tool looks at the past two weeks of your campaigns and lists categories that represent the products or services you’re advertising. Google will then add a bar graph of your individual performance compared to the average performance of other advertisers in the same category. You can hover your mouse over the ‘Competitive Range’ column to dig deeper into the numbers, showing you the mean and median performance levels for this range, as well as data on the absolute top and bottom performers.
For more information, see this help document

Wordpress – Twitter Plugins

Wordpress – Twitter Plugins

Ad Planner From Google Helps Find Relevant Sites For You And Your Media Plan

Ad Planner From Google Helps Find Relevant Sites For You And Your Media Plan

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Some Guidelines On How to Get High PR Backlinks

You need to check all website blogs for the no-follow attribute on their comment url links, before posting your comments and links, this becauce you need to avoid wasting your time. The easiest way to check for a no-follow attribute is to view the code source of a webpage and scroll to the comments coding (make sure there’s actually a comment on the page). In the hyperlink code for the comment, if it says rel=”no follow” then the link is no-follow.
Even if the blog is on a do-follow list, it is essential you check if the blog is do-follow. The reason being these lists are often never updated and were current at the time of being posted. Webmasters can change their blog to no-follow with a simple plug in so the best is to check every website.

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Create Content To #drawthecrowds

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