Saturday, November 22, 2008

Google SearchWiki 101: An Illustrated Guide

Google SearchWiki 101: An Illustrated Guide

A new feature that allows you to move and comment on search results — has been out for less than a day, and it’s amazing to see how much confusion (as well as commentary) there is already developing. So below, some clarification on how it works, opportunities search marketers should consider, some privacy issues and ideas for improving it.

It allows you to move a listing higher in the search results, or move a listing lower in the results or delete a listing altogether. You can also comment about search results you see, and others can view your comments.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google’s Relase New Search-Based Keyword Tool and Tells You What Keywords You’re Missing.

Google released a new keyword tool tonight, named the Search-Based Keyword Tool. This tool goes beyond what the other Google tools provide and tells you what keywords you are currently missing out on based on search query data from your site’s content.

Beyond the advertisers point of view, you can use this as a nice competitive analysis tool. You can see data about which keywords are relevant to any site on the Internet — so, if you are getting into a new line of business and want keyword data, just plug in the site’s domain and click go.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google Analytics Blog: Want to track Adobe Flash? Now you can!

Google Analytics Blog: Want to track Adobe Flash? Now you can!
On Demand indexing

Now you can ensure your new pages or updated content is indexed by Google with 24 hours.

Well Google's new on-demand indexing service offers site owners just that. Via your Google Webmaster area, you can request that Google index new pages or content on your site - which will be scheduled for indexing within 24 hours.

The catch: The service is only available to site owners who use Google Site Search.

It makes sense that if you're using Google Site Search on your website, you want to be confident that all your content is available. On-demand indexing has been created to ensure Google Site Search users have confidence that searchers will find all their newest content.

Anyone with a website can take advantage of on-demand indexing by signing up to Google Site Search, even if you don't plan on using the search facility. Find out more about Google Site Search
Google AdPlanner now for everyone.

Google Ad Planner is available to anyone with a Google account, and the system has been given some useful improvements.

So what is Google Ad Planner? According to the original release post back in June, Ad Planner is:-
"a research and media planning tool that connects advertisers and publishers. When using Google Ad Planner, simply enter demographics and sites associated with your target audience, and the tool will return information about sites (both on and off the Google content network) that your audience is likely to visit."

There are three key enhancements to the service:

1. Improved Audience Definitions:
Define your audience by likeliness to search using particular keywords and drill down by state / metro geographical levels.

2. New Site Ranking Methods
Rank sites based their likelihood to attract your desired audience, the sites̢۪ popularity or a mix of both.

3. Interactive Media Plan Analysis
A new interactive bubble chart allows you to compare sites in your media plan by demographics, frequency, traffic, and unique visitors.

If you're looking to expand your campaign, or checking that you're maximizing your potential coverage, this could be a very handy tool. It's especially useful that Ad Planner includes sites outside Google's content network which means you get a healthy view of the available online ad inventory.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Google Updates Site Search
Google has introduced some new functionality to its Site Search product, which allows customers to search within your own site. The feature that everyone is talking about is the ability to add pages on-demand to be indexed by site search, so customers have access to these new pages as soon as they're ready.

In this world, that is full of all kinds of hustle and bustle, people demand speed! It was the game of yesterday years, when people used to wait for hours to get the things done. Now everything is instant! Google has made everything look so simple for us. Everything is available at our fingertips.
Google is there to answer our questions, it is there to provide us with minute directions and no matter what. You name it, and it has it!
On-Demand Indexing ensures that site visitors have access to a site's freshest content, and that businesses have the flexibility to share news, product releases and promotions as they happen.

According to the Google Press Center
"With On-Demand Indexing:
• Site owners get an "Index Now" button to quickly and easily update their site search results with new and updated content.
• New pages are searchable within hours " taking no longer than a day to appear within site search results.

Google Site Search, our cloud-based search solution for business, helps thousands of organizations harness the power of, and fully customize search to suit their website. Along with the greater control of On-Demand Indexing, site owners get the same ease of use and fast results of Google Site Search, including:
• Set up that takes minutes and results returned in less than a second
• The ability to promote new or certain types of pages at the top of results
• Full customization controls over the look and feel of search
• A range of options for phone and email support"

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