Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The mobile advertising battle at the moment.

Google release a new mobile search service

New search engine makes it easier to find Web information using a handheld device

T hurl is: and can be accessed from a mobile browser and customized to feature pre-selected weather, news, stocks, and movies information.

By using improved algorithms and factoring in a user's location, the new mobile search engine delivers a more relevant list of Web results than its previous version

The unveiling of the new mobile search service comes on the same day that rival Yahoo launched new mobile publishing services along with a mobile advertising network. Earlier this year, Yahoo also introduced a revamped mobile search engine called OneSearch.

Google and Yahoo are busy retooling their search engines for mobile devices, recognizing that the needs of handset users are different from the needs of PC users. While Google has dominated the search engine PC market for years, leadership in the emerging mobile search space is up for grabs, as vendors experiment to develop useful layout designs and algorithms.

As mobile devices gain more powerful hardware and access to faster Internet connections, it is becoming more feasible to use them for online activities previously limited to PCs, including searching the Web, streaming videos, playing back songs and making e-commerce purchases. This mobile Internet frontier opens up new opportunities, as well as challenges, for Internet and traditional media companies, which recognize that handheld devices will become eventually the preferred vehicle for accessing the Web.

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