Sunday, September 10, 2006

Communication changes

Younger email users are favoring other newer forms of communication like social networking sites, IM (Instant Messaging) and text messaging, and they see email as a "goog way to reach an elder, a parent, teacher or a boss, of to receive an attached file".There is a very strong sense that the migration away from email continues.
What about IE7

Monday, 11 September 2006

Seen from the user, improvements iclude tabbed browsing, better printing, RSS feed integration, more advanced searching, and better security, as well as plenty of add.ons to enhace the user experience.However, the most important changes that will have a more direct impact on how your site is loaded and displayed are:
RSS integration - IE7 automatically detects RSS feeds and asks you to subscribe. It also gives you the option to have IE7 auto-check for feed updates. Is your feed properly recognized by IE7?

Updated CSS behavior - the IE7 team worked very closely with the W3C workgroup to ensure standard compliance. They made over 200 changes from IE6 to become compliant with CSS2.1. Even if your site is standard compliant, it may not be renderd exactly the same as it is in IE6 of Firefox.

AJAX XMLHTTP Request changes - the IE blog states: "to have your cross browser AJAX work better with IE7, you really should be invoking the native XMLHttpRequest first to see if it's avaliable before instantiating the ActiveX control, instead of the other way around."
Added security features - everything from more secure SSL defaults to disabling most ActiveX controls by default has beed changed to help make the user's browsing more secure. These changes could drastically change your users browsing and purchasing experience.
Online Marketing

Create Content To #drawthecrowds

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