Saturday, August 11, 2007

About online advertising, what advantages does it have compared to print?

In most ways that impact the bottom line, online outperforms print media. That is not to say print media is without value, but as the marketplace grows more digital (and therefore more accountable) the ability to track, measure, and optimize the results generated by media are difficult to beat. Print's strengths include highly targeted or niche audiences and the business-to-business sector--though search is impacting that as well.


When will online advertising really start to take off?

It's already taken off, most dramatically a year or so ago. It was also consumed by entrepreneurial direct marketers--Endai Worldwide was among the first--that figured out economic models after the easy money exited the marketplace. Many of these upstarts have had to evolve into far more sophisticated players, as the market and competition have grown and matured. A company such as Endai Worldwide had to invest heavily in technologies to stay competitive and provide clients with increasing value.


About online advertising, what are some of the major trends?

Search is becoming the dominant form of online advertising, increasing the sophistication of search engine results and content as well as the consolidation of industry players. Market pricing will function more like network television, although the web still remains the great equalizer: Small business will continue to buy a significant share of online advertising because it's effective, easy to buy and the same medium used by the big boys. Because of its inherent measurability, online advertising is already having an effect on the accountability of all advertising.

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