Thursday, August 28, 2008

Google AdSense to Be Migrated into Google Analytics

A rumor circulating that Google Analytics will soon be adding Google AdSense data to the web analytics package. Amit managed to secure some screen shots of the AdSense related reports. The AdSense specific content seems to be found under the "Content" tab and includes:

(1) AdSense ad clicks per page
(2) AdSense Revenue generated per page
(3) CTR and CPM on a per page basis
(4) Also, a "Top AdSense Referrers" report that shows you which referring sites will generate the most ad clicks for you.

Many forum members are excited at this possibility. One says that it "might "eliminate the hassle of comparing adsense impressions to google analytics page views," which is certainly true. It's better to combine the greatest features than to have them scattered throughout for sure.

The only concern is for those who share their analytics data with clients or colleagues; in this case, those sharing analytics data may not want others to see financial information. However, you can likely use a filter -- or Google may come up with a good solution to hide this information from those sharing the analytics account

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