Monday, August 25, 2008

Inside AdWords: New features in Website Optimizer

Inside AdWords: New features in Website Optimizer

Some days ago, the Google Adwords and Google Website Optimizer blogs reported some new updates to Google Website Optimizer.

Experiment Pruning: This allows you to disable one or more combinations from taking part in your Website Optimizer experiments. Pruning can help you achieve faster, more meaningful results by allowing you to remove poorly performing or illogical combinations. This is especially helpful in cases where your experiment may have too many combinations relative to the amount of traffic it receives.

In the past, there wasn't an easy way for you to disable low performing or
illogical combinations. You'd have to stop a test, make a copy, lose all your test data, and then launch a new test. That's all changing starting today. Now, you can simply select any number of page variations from your experiment report, click our new "Disable" button, and you're done. Easy as that. All your future traffic will be sent to your remaining page variations, and you'll be on the path to quicker, more actionable test results

A/B Offline Validation:
You'll now be able to just upload a copy of your tagged page and Website Optimizer will make sure that everything is tagged properly.
More Intuitive Reporting: We've enhanced our reports to more clearly show how your combinations are performing, and to better indicate when we've found one or more high-confidence winning combinations. This will help prevent you from drawing false conclusions from results or from ending experiments prematurely.

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