Friday, August 29, 2008

Will MS IE8 help Microsoft in the search battle?

Microsoft is throwing whatever it can lay its hands on, at Google. The latest evidence is the upcoming Internet Explorer 8"being built with a few tricks to try and knee-cap Google.
"We didnt design this with Google in mind," insists Internet Explorer head Dean Hachamovitch.
The new browser comes with a search box in the upper right-hand corner and, just below that, a row of tiny logos for various search destinations, such as Yahoo, Ebay and MySpace. You can select which destinations you want to include hereAnother Google-dodging feature in the new browser: Highlighting a street address on a Web page launches a map, with the default set to Microsofts Live Maps (though you can change this default to Google Maps).
Will it be enough? Not on its own"especially as Mozillas Firefox continues to eat away at IEs market share. But, if Microsoft can throw enough pots and pans new products at Google, maybe it can at least prevent Google from reaching 100% search share.
What do you think? Will IE8 help Microsoft in its battle with Google?

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