Wednesday, September 02, 2009

YouTube will Share Ad Revenue with Users

YouTube want to share profits with users who post popular videos on the site, the company announced on its blog. By extending the YouTube Partnership Program, the company offers more individuals with one off popular videos a chance to earn thousands of dollars a month.

In the past amateur videos on YouTube never earned a dime for the creator, even if they clocked millions of views. But YouTube is now rewarding authors of videos that keep YouTube popular and is offering to spread the wealth it generates with the authors.
YouTube will monitor the popularity of user-submitted videos and some users will get invited to start earning revenue through the Partnership Program. To determine with videos are worth it, YouTube will look at the number of views the video has so far and its compliance with the site's terms of service (read no copyright infringements).
Once the revenue sharing scheme is enabled on a user's video, YouTube will do the rest of the work, selling advertising against the video and paying the user a share monthly into their AdSense account. This option is available only to users in the U.S. for now, but YouTube says is hoping to roll this feature internationally.

Up until now, only users producing videos that reached a wide audience were able to join the YouTube Partnership Program. Launched initially in 2007, the program included over time regular content producers.

Full guidelines, contest rules and tips and tricks are available on the TV for All.

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