Friday, September 05, 2008

Is Crome The End To Google Toolbar PageRank?

Here are a few comments from Digital Forums

Google's new browser Chrome has been launched, but it does not support Google Toolbar, does it indicate that its end of PageRank (PR)?

yes may be its beta stage, but in my opinion Google would have came out with browser to support all its other products. I guess they might come out with updated version of toolbar with some new technology.

It's in beta and the best browser out there. Such fast. It will start to get slower as new things get added. Like google toolbar of course. I mean pagerank is their greatest invention, not chrome.

It won't mean the end of PR. In fact if anything Google will be using it to further promote it's PR calculation.
So it is the end of all toolbars! You should wait , for sure they will launch a lot of add-ons.

may be you are right, but still there is no support for Google toolbar on Chrome.
Google toolbar is something which simply displays pagerank, you can find out pagerank from many other sources. The reason it doesn't support it is because it is in beta stages, quite obviously.

I like Google Chrome. It's faster then all the other browsers I've been using before. True, a little PR icon would be cool, but since Google has revised the whole PR system latley, it'll take some time for many sites to re-obtain their new revised PR, just like my Ralf Engel dot Com blog.

Google didn't create chrome for webmasters alone. They created it for users for now and maybe they will create add ons for webmasters in their next update.

First things first. Chrome is still in beta. It is not the final version. There are tens of other things in the Google Toolbar as well, so why only Pagerank? The question should be does it indicate the end of Google Toolbar? Not Pagerank in specific. I personally think that it is NOT the ended of Google Pagerank or the toolbar itself.

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