Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Changes are on the way for MySpace.
Later this month, the social networking powerhouse will roll out new features such as a new home page and new profile-building tools. The result could turn MySpace into a significant threat to portals like Yahoo. But first, MySpace will have to get over its own past.

If all goes to plan, MySpace would go beyond being a site where people build personalized profile pages and hang out online with friends, and become more of a gateway to the Web, where users can read news headlines, listen to music, watch videos, and more easily communicate with pals.

MySpace embarks on this makeover with five new features. On June 18, the company will relaunch its homepage. Instead of seeing a few boxes for "cool new videos" and "cool new people," users will see items such as news stories, ways to call up local weather, links to entertainment portions of the site, and images of top MySpace bloggers.

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