Sunday, January 13, 2008

Google Hacking Not Fun For You | WebProNews

We have seen this numerous times. Searching for controllable webcams and songs comes to mind right away. The Royal Pingdom blog says it isn't a good idea to let Google have your secrets, though.

"You want Google to index your site and make you visible and searchable," said Pingdom, an uptime monitoring firm. "Google can also index more sensitive information that was never meant to be public, and can therefore be a useful tool for hackers if they want to probe your site for vulnerabilities."

Online crimes mirror offline crimes, in that criminals look for the easiest way into a place. We've heard most burglaries happen where the criminals come in the front door.

Leaving username/password files, even if they are encrypted, available for public search isn't much better than putting a key under the doormat and hoping for the best. People who do this, in the view of the Google Hacking Database, are "googledorks, inept or foolish people as revealed by Google."

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