Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Now you can tell Google what Georgraphics region to associate with your site.

Google has just introduced a way for webmasters to inform them what country their site should be associated with.

To use this tool, simply follow these instructions:

1) Login to your Google
Webmaster Tools account
2) Click on the Tools tab and then choose "set geographic target"
3) Choose your country/region from the drop-down list

Please note: you can only change your domain location association if you aren't using a country specific TLD. For example, if your site is, the country Google automatically associates it with is
Australia and you cannot change that.

Although you can't specify multiple countries for a site, you can specify a different country for each sub-domain or folder.

To do this, simply add each sub-domain or sub-folder to your Webmaster Tools account and specify the location for each one.

This is a great addition to Webmaster Tools and should solve a
LOT of the webmaster questions I've seen about how to tell Google about a site's geographic market. It should also have a big impact on the way webmasters structure their sites from now on.

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