Friday, November 09, 2007

The Google Red Hat and Linux Platform

In a great move, red hat, Google, and other interested Linux folks have gotten together to develop a mobile phone operating system called Android. While the world is abuzz with this one, the question is with Palm, Apple, Symbian, Blackberry and Microsoft operating systems for phones, do we need another one...

We also are looking at a Google Mono Culture that will have some interesting consequences on what we do next. We have a heavy reliance on Google, and just like our dependence on Microsoft, we will have our rewards and risks by the dominance of one group over technology.

Not pinging on anyone, but the cell phone manufactures will be the ones that drive the adoption of the new OS. Consumers will have their say as well, which is something to think about as well. Moreover, given what we already have in the market, do we really need an open handset group when we have people who rip, fold, and otherwise make what were formerly closed systems into nice open systems as we have seen with just about every cell phone OS to date?

Google says:

It's important to recognize that the Open Handset Alliance and Android have the potential to be major changes from the status quo -- one which will take patience and much investment by the various players before you'll see the first benefits. But we feel the potential gains for mobile customers around the world are worth the effort. If you're a developer and this approach sounds exciting, give us a week or so and we'll have an SDK available. If you're a mobile user, you'll have to wait a little longer, but some of our partners are targeting the second half of 2008 to ship phones based on the Android platform. And if you already have a phone you know and love, check out and make sure you have Google Maps for mobile, Gmail and our other great applications on your phone. We'll continue to make these services better and add plenty of exciting new features, applications and services, too. Source: Google

Is Google on the same path as Microsoft, probably not yet, but it will not be surprising to see more and more anti-Google press, with calls to break up the monopoly, nor do we think that Google will be laboring under the same kind of restrictions that Microsoft finds itself under.

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