Thursday, November 02, 2006

Google Mail and RSS goes mobile

Google is going more smarter about mobile devices. Google's search experience on PDA's and cellphones, has been, for quite a while, very different than it is on a full-sized screen.No Google is parsing Web pages it links to and tries to repackage them in a mobile friendly way.
Thought, Google's mail system Gmail, has not been a great experience on mobile devices. But now Google is releasing a mobile Java Gmail application for cell phones that makes using your Gmail account much easier. This new app will be pre loaded onto some new sprint phones, or avaliable for download for anyone else who has a Java-capable phone.The app gives Gmail its own custom menus system, which is much easier to navigate than a Web based app would be on a cell phone. Mail from the Gmail system shows up clearly, and the sites display attachments, like photos, Word doc's, in the app.

Google's new new RSS reader has also a mobile interface. It's subtly different appliacation from the full-sized Web version of Google Reader.
More here on the subject "Google goes mobile".

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