Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What to do in 2017!

Content Marketing, SEO and Lead Generation
Search engine optimization is incredibly useful for generating new leads and sales

1. High-quality traffic to your website

The goal of content marketing is? To provide solutions to your customers, and drive engagement. To put this into work, you’ll need to have an audience-centric approach, by producing educational and customized content through various formats: blog posts, eBooks, links to social media, white papers, webinars, and therefore, your website visitors are naturally qualified by your content and decide by themselves to consume it. Also, you will notice that these visitors will better match the buyer personas you defined in your strategy.

2. Lead generation results through Content Marketing and an effective on page Optimizaton.

Lead generation is one of the main goals of content marketers. As your prospects visit your website and see content that meet several of their needs, they are more likely to leave their info through effective CTAs.
A study that an inbound marketing strategy helps generating 54% more leads than outbound marketing techniques, old stuff like: cold calling, adwords, display ads etc.

3. Control your budget and get proper visibility of your ROI.

Content marketing allows you to have a highly accurate approach of your ROI, thanks to an in-depth analysis of the number of leads generated per published post. This allows you to understand precisely the impact on your sales strategy. And furthermore, a lead’s cost of acquisition is lower with a content marketing strategy, in comparison to other marketing campaigns. This leaves an extra budget space for your other marketing actions!

Increase Your On-Page SEO
External factors often take the spotlight when people talk about SEO. But while links, social interactions and other outside signals are important for rankings, one cannot ignore the role played by on-page SEO.
On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages (their content and source code especially) to rank higher in the SERPs and earn more traffic. Follow the simple tips below:
  • Title: The title tag should capture what the page is about. For best results, include the target keyword, make sure it reads well, and keep it to 70 characters or fewer.
  • Description: A page's description doesn't count for rankings, but it's not useless. The description can make a huge difference in the click-through rate, so keep it relevant and optimized.
  • User-Friendly URLs: Keep your URLs short and easy to read. Include your primary keyword so readers have a better idea what's on the page before they click.
  • Keyword Frequency: Google may not use keyword density, but it does look at the number of times a keyword appears on a piece of content. Use the target phrase a couple of times in the body of your post. So don't exaggerate it.

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