Saturday, September 27, 2008

A New Advertising Opportunity from MySpace

MySpace has recently launched a new ad program: MySpace Music, a new service that lets people create their own playlists of songs, and offers a huge catalog of millions of major label and independent label songs to stream on demand. This can be a very big and popular service.

What they did is to start a new advertising program that MySpace announced just before the launch of MySpace Music. While it is geared toward bands to help promote themselves, since MySpace is such a great tool for them to do so, there is no reason that any small business can't utilize the same program.

It is a self-serve ad program that allows users to create their own banner ads easily, and then target them toward the audience that they wish. You can narrow your campaign down by gender, geographical area, or age, based on information that users supply on their profile pages.

Users can use MySpace's new tool to track their ads' performance, and control how much they spend on any campaign. There is a minimum of $25, but you can spend as little as that, and up to $10,000, and you only pay when your ad is clicked on.

MySpace is still very popular, and will probably grow more now that MySpace Music has been launched. Since lovers of just about every kind of music can find something they like with MySpace Music, they should make up just about every demographic you could possibly want to go after with your advertising campaign.

This Should Be Great for Small Businesses

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