Thursday, May 08, 2008

Google Reader gets social features News - PC Advisor

Google Reader gets social features News

Google is making the Google Reader RSS tool more social, adding features that let users share content and add notes as to why they're sharing it.

The updates provide users with "bookmarklets" to share content from web pages from any site, even those that don't have a feed, Google said. Users can also select some text from the page before clicking on a bookmarklet to allow the selection to appear as the item's body.

"As it turns out, there's all sorts of information 'out there' just waiting to be streamed, shared and otherwise consumed by you and your friends," noted Google's Jenna Bilotta.

"Now you can finally show all of your Reader friends that awesome talking cat video you found, your favorite grilled trout recipe or reviews of the best brunch places in your neighbourhood - all without a subscription."

The updated Google Reader also provides a place for users to add notes with comments about why they are sharing specific content.

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