Sunday, April 06, 2008

People Increasingly Turn To Computers For TV | WebProNews

People Increasingly Turn To Computers For TV | WebProNews

A new report from the Convergence Consulting Group states, "We estimate online viewing of full-episode Broadcast/Cable Network TV as a percentage of the traditional TV base was 9% in 2007 (6% in 2006), and we forecast 14% for 2008, 19% for 2009, and 23% for 2010."

Or, in other words: by the end of the decade, about one out of every four times somebody sits down to watch a show, they'll be facing either a computer monitor or a television connected to a computer.

Assuming the report is reliable ("[s]ources include hundreds of company interviews, quarterly, annual reports & presentations," and Convergence contacted around 1,000 consumers), this stat is something content creators will want to keep in mind. Advertisers should also pay attention to the trend, of course. It even seems they can get a deal, since "US online TV advertising . . . revenues represented 2% ($1.4 billion) of US Broadcast/Cable Network TV advertising revenue in 2007."

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