Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Google Universal Search: 2008 Edition

Google Universal Search: 2008 Edition

Google launched Universal Search six month's ago, and its method of blending results from its own various topically-focused or "vertical" search engines. Since that time, the system has evolved. In particular, Google Universal Search now fills more than just 10 spots on the page, while shopping and blog search results are among new resources being included. Below, a look at these and related changes.
The Big Picture: Comparative Ranking & Blending

With Universal Search, Google promised that two major things would happen:

* Comparative Ranking
* Blending

Before Universal Search, Google gave a list of 10 web search results -- the best 10 selected by measuring those pages against all the web pages in the Google index of billions. Separately, Google decided if other information should be added to the search results page using different mechanisms.

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