Thursday, December 27, 2007

By Odd J. Vik

Why Blog? Better Listings On Google

• Blogs are updated frequently and visited often by Search Engines
• Blogs gain PageRank quickly
• Blogs easily acquire an abundance of inbound links
• Blogs are content-rich and topic-focused
• Blogs can attract an intensely loyal readership
• Blogs Establish Credibility and Trust

Running an online business on the cold, anonymous and impersonal internet is a real challenge to the entrepreneur. How can you persuade your website visitors to take out their credit cards and buy from you? How do you gain their trust and build credibility in their eyes? The answer is Blogs.

When you blog, you allow visitors, prospects, and customers who read your blog a chance to know you, to interact with you. It’s a chance for you to build a relationship, and to establish credibility and trust with your visitors, subscribers and potential customers. As we’ve mentioned before in our articles – the most important asset in your business is Credibility and Trust

What makes blogs different from other websites?

There are a few important ways that blogs differ from traditional web pages. First, blogs are designed to be frequently and easily updated. Creating a new blog post usually involves nothing more than entering some text into a form and clicking Submit. No HTML or programming skills are required.

This is great from a search engine point of view because search engines love frequently updated pages. If a search engine finds that your page is being updated every day, it’ll return to re-index your page every day to ensure that it always has the most recent copy of your site.

What’s a
Ping? Similar to RSS feeds, pings automatically let people know that your blog has been updated. It alerts the weblog trackers that you’ve added new content to your blog. The advantage of pinging the weblog trackers is that you’re telling the blogging world, and more importantly, the search engine spiders that monitor these services that you have fresh, new content. This will bring them to your blog – and from there, you can lead them to your website.

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