Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NEW - Google AdWords Offering Targeted Placement

According to the Inside AdWords blog, Google has introduced two new enhancements to site targeting on their content network.

The changes allow for specific placement targeting on sites and the service now offers a CPC (cost per click) pricing model.

Until now, Google advertisers have been restricted to simply selecting the site they want theirs ads to appear on through the site targeting option. The renamed "Placement Targeting" service now allows advertisers to specify areas within a website for their ad placement and which types of AdWords ad to use.

Now, advertisers can target not only websites but also precise subsections of sites, such as the football pages of a news site, the show times section of a movie site, and even a specific ad unit (a block of Google ads) on a particular webpage.

The new Cost per Click (CPC) pricing model will also be a welcome enhancement to the service, with advertisers better able to control their spending on the content network.

Where the content network has often been a great way to target immense amounts of traffic, the new changes will hopefully allow advertisers to get more qualified traffic and better ROI on their online advertising.

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