Sunday, October 07, 2007

Google Spam Violation Notifications

Google have updated their Webmaster Central service to alert you of spam violations in your website. You will be notified of pages that have been removed from the Google index, the reason why, and how you can get reconsidered for inclusion.
The new Message Centre in your Webmaster Central account will contain correspondence from Google in the event that Google has spotted some hidden text or other violation on your website.

Currently, you need to be a verified owner of the site and logged in to your account in order to receive this information. Google are planning to resume sending out email notifications shortly.

The spam violation service had been around since 2005, with notifications provided via email. But with spoof messages flying around, Google decided to halt the service.

Once you have made any necessary corrections to your site, then you need to go through Google's Reinclusion process. I think it is well worth noting that Google asks what search engine optimisation (SEO) company you are working with that led to the violation.

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